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Sunway - Monash (Monday - Friday)

  • 6.15 pm – Nadayu
  • 6.25 pm – Sunway Apartment
  • 6.35 pm – Sunway-Uni-Residence(SUR)
  • 6.45 pm – Sunway Monash Residence(SMR)
  • 7.00 pm – Monash University – Bus Stop

Taylor's Lakeside (Coming Soon)

Taylor College Dk Senza D la tour Sunway A’marine Nautica Condominium

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Mr. Rice Corner


Meet Mee

Pontian Noodle

Pontian Noodle

Lim Fried Chicken

Lim Fried Chicken



Our aim is to provide simple, fresh and good food!


Our existence is to bring affordable, quality

and valuable service!



Our delivery team will always reach on

time as punctuality is our priority!


We are a bunch of youngsters who wanted to contribute to the society and that is why we set up Gastronomeal. Gastronomeal is a platform that connects best food in the town to people like you ! We believe food is a pleasure and very important. Hence,  we want the good food could be deliver to you even you are busy or do not have any transport. We aimed to help the community and allow them to enjoy no-waiting experience in buying food or stuck in traffic jam.

Tell us your favorite restaurant!

We exist to create a better dining experience where passion and purpose come together


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